Elegant White or Glamorous Black

Available for PHOTO ALBUM only

The BLACK STAR Collection was designed especially with elegance in mind.
The BLACK STAR Collection is distinguished by its bold cover plates, and its classic black leatherette cover. 

The WHITE LADY Collection is the essence of the wedding day: clean, elegant, sophisticated.

The WHITE LADY Collection is an ideal choice for wedding albums, anniversary collections, first communions and engagements.

The GLAMOUR Collection stands out with a cover adorned with chic Swarovski crystals – because sometimes more is more! 

Suitable for all occasions where a pinch of glamor is needed. 

Acrylic Prestige

The ACRYLIC PRESTIGE Collection astonishes with a striking acrylic cover plate. 

There are five different acrylic plates to choose from. Choose anything from a one-third acrylic strip to a full-cover pop.


Choose a hardcover with a plain text, or pick from a variety of cut-out windows.
The CLASSIC Collection is available in textile, velvet, suede, or leatherette finish. 

The simplicity of the CLASSIC Collection makes it suitable for all occasions.

Available for:


You can pick any colour you like for a printed cover. You can make your favourite photo the cover star, use text and graphics, have a title for your book, etc. 

You can get the cover of the book printed on silk or metal. If you are a nature lover – Italian leather, linen, wood or cork might be for you.

Available for:

Album or book

The biggest difference between Albums and Books is the thickness of pages and binding.




Albums have a special binding that allows them to lie flat when opened, making them a perfect solution for stunning double-page spread panoramic images.


Photo Albums are thick, rigid, durable, flush mount heirlooms that showcase quality and elegance.

From 5 up to 40 thick, 800 gsm spreads (10-80 pages). 


Lite Album offers the same high-end elegance, quality, and lay flat spreads as our full albums, but scaled back to a handy and practical 20×20 cm / 8×8″ size and lighter pages.

Books have thinner pages and can therefore have more pages.


A book that nearly replicates the lie-flat properties of an album, making it a good choice for stunning full-spread panoramic images.
30 – 120 pages


Seven-dye ink with incredible print quality, customisable covers and paper.
20 – 120 pages


Photo Book Basic is a cost-effective alternative to the Photo Book.
28 – 160 pages

The little details

Pages with a personal message to your beloved one can be added.

Photos of the first day as Mr & Mrs can be added to the book.

An option of two identical mini books for parents.

The same style book can be created of honeymoon, followed with a same style baby book.

Professional photographs are required.

Photo captions and poems are welcome. Pages with a personal message to your beloved one can be added and proofs sent separately, so that she/he won’t see it before the book arrives.

Once the book has been completed, you will receive proof pages (PDF) for revisions. With wedding books, I have planned three rounds of proofing (normally, two rounds are used).

It will take roughly one week to create a first draft, one further week for the first round of corrections and 2-3 days for the second and third round of corrections.

After you have approved the work, it will be professionally printed and in about one week you should have a beautiful memory book in your hands.

Pages with photos of the first day as Mr & Mrs can be added to the book. You can also add a few pages of your honeymoon or the same style book can be created of honeymoon, followed with the book of first years as Mum and Dad.

There is also an option of a mini book for close relatives.

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